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Your Vote, Your Voice

Bright yellow postcards are showing up in registered voter’s mailboxes this week all over the city of Boston.  The first time we saw it reported was via twitter:

Then low and behold, a neighbor of ours received one.

The note itself is handwritten by either nuns or someone who went to twelve years of Catholic School and spent hours of class time mastering the Palmer Method.  The note is signed by a first name – like you’re friends – “Thank you! Kathy”.  The notes we saw online were mainly signed by women.

The general vibe is “we are watching you.”  Not sure if these postcards were sent to registered voters who didn’t vote in the preliminary election back in September or just random voters.

When we googled “Your Vote Your Voice” (which is printed on the front of the card along with the City of Boston’s General Election date of November 2nd.) several organizations pop up – one that stood out is the American Federation of Teachers – which had similar branding colors. Hmmm…we guess that could explain the neat and legible handwriting.

Needless to say, whoever is sending out these postcards want voters to vote – and we 100% agree – The vibe, however, is very “Big Brother is Watching” and The Guilty Remnant and leaves us slightly unsettled.

Have you received a postcard?

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