Nestled within the heart of Codman Square, a remarkable and diverse community of seniors at the Boston Public Library’s Codman Square Branch is weaving more than just fabric; they are stitching together stories, memories, and a vibrant sense of community. This senior quilting group, with members ranging from beginners to lifelong enthusiasts, has become a hub of creativity and social connection, defying age stereotypes with every thread.   

On Tuesday mornings, the library’s atmosphere transforms into a lively haven for crafters aged from late 80s to early 90s, with the eldest participant proudly boasting 93 years of wisdom. This isn’t just a quilting group; it’s a dynamic gathering of individuals engaged in knitting, sewing, embroidery, crochet, and tie-dye fabric, creating not only beautiful artifacts but also deep connections.

For over eight years, this dedicated group has annually crafted new quilts, each piece carrying with it a unique narrative—a collective tapestry of history, memory, and the joyous moments celebrated through quilts given as wedding gifts and more. The story doesn’t end there; the seniors’ artistic talents take center stage at their annual quilting show in the spring!  You can also check out several of the quilts on display at the Codman Square Library.

If you are a senior looking to join the quilting group, you can learn more here! 

But this group goes beyond the threads and fabrics; it’s a tradition for them to present a quilt to the library branch each year, adding not just color but a touch of their collective spirit to the community space. Comprising 18-20 members, predominantly retired locals, this quilting community offers more than just a creative outlet: it’s a testament to the enduring power of art and connection in later years.

Special thank you to the Boston Public Library for sharing this inspiring story with us!

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