In “What the Hell” news, a grand jury indicted a security guard for allegedly throwing an 11-year-old girl to the ground and punching her repeatedly at the Primark at Downtown Crossing.

According to the Boston Globe, Mohammad Khan, 36, of Cambridge, was officially charged by a Suffolk County grand jury on Tuesday.   The alleged assault happened on June 9th and the girl involved in the case allegedly admitted to shoplifting a value of $175 in clothing.

This was not Khans first incident.  There are at least four other times that Khan was reprimanded by his employer Securitas for using more force than allowed.  Gheesh.

According to a statement released by District Attorney Rachel Rollins, the 6-foot-1-inch, 225 pound Khan, grabbed the girl by her head and neck, thew her on the ground, straddled her and began to punch her in the face.  Good lord.

Khan and Securitas are charged with one count each of assault and battery on a child under 14 and civil rights violations. Khan and Securitas are slated to be arraigned on December 17th.

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