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Rumor Has it: Kowloon Restaurant

Social media was abuzz with activity on Thursday evening, swirling with rumors that the iconic Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus would be closing.

Well, it’s not closing right away!  Plenty of time to get your Scorpions bowls and Pu-Pu-platters in! But eventually, the legendary Chinese food spot on Route 1 will close its doors.

Evidently, an appearance by members of the Kowloon team at a Saugus Planning Board meeting raised some eyebrows and caused panic to run rampant on Facebook.

According to a statement on Kowloon’s Facebook page, the restaurant will eventually close for redevelopment which is years not months away

Kowloon just finished its impressive 70th year in business. It first opened in 1950 as The Mandarin House – tiny a 24-person Chinese restaurant – before being bought by the Wong family in 1958, transforming it into the 1,200 seat wonderland it is today.

Put it on your to do list because eventually it will be gone, baby, gone!

Image via Kowloon on Instagram


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