Rep. Nick Collins is taking steps to protect the students and faculty at the University of Massachusetts-Boston by boosting funding, including providing money to prevent cuts at institutes and learning centers on the Dorchester campus.

“Protecting UMass-Boston is of paramount concern to me,” Collins said. “We have made significant investments in UMass-Boston and need to ensure that the promises we make are kept to the students and faculty there. This funding is crucial to that mission.”

Collins has filed two amendments to House Bill 4400 and is calling on his colleagues for swift approval.The first, which is co-sponsored by 12 House colleagues, would stipulate that the UMass system must fund UMass-Boston’s centers and institutes at the same levels as last year, as well as add $2.1 million in funding. These centers serve a variety of social and cultural purposes to the campus and beyond, and are key learning centers for underserved populations in Boston and beyond.

The second, which is co-sponsored by five representatives, would add $3 million to cover a projected budget shortfall and prevent any cuts.

“UMass-Boston is an important resource for all of Boston and the region,” Collins said. “I hope my colleagues will support this funding so UMass-Boston can continue to grow and thrive for generations to come.”

Image via UMass Boston

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