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Monday Afternoon Update:

The Red Line is still operating a slower rate with plenty of delays but the good news is the countdown clocks are back so you can see how long you have to wait.

Mayor Marty Walsh stated on twitter that the MBTA should not raise fares on July 1st until the Red Line is running back to normal. According the the Boston Globe, the MBTA board responded with the equivalent of “stick to your own lane” back at the mayor.  To which the mayor called for the MBTA to reinstate a local seat on the oversight board and give us a seat at the table.

Uber is tapping into the frustration of MBTA riders with a new feature that integrates local public transit information for customers who may want to take the T then quickly use the ride share app because the commute is a disaster.  Uber users will be able to access real-time information on MBTA services including trains, buses, commuter rail, ferries, and the Logan Express bus service. You can read more about this here. 

After four days of a miserable commute on the Red Line last week, let us peek into our crystal ball to see what’s in store for MBTA riders this week!

  • Passengers on the Braintree branch of the service will no longer need to switch trains at the JFK/UMass stop.
  • Prepare for delays. Trains will continue to travel slowly through the JFK/UMass station while signal infrastructure is repaired. MBTA officials advice commuters to allow for an extra 15-20 minutes while getting to work on Monday morning.
  • CharlieCards and CharlieTickets will continue to be honored on the Commuter Rail on Monday. In addition to regularly scheduled trains on the Kingston, Middleboro and Greenbush lines, extra Commuter Rail trains will be making stops at Braintree, Quincy Center, JFK/UMass and South Station during both the morning and afternoon commutes.


  • The Red Line derailment is still under investigation. The MBTA, in coordination with LTK Engineering Services for an Independent Review, has ruled out operator error (including speed), foul play, and track infrastructure as the probable cause at this time.
  • As part of the ongoing investigation, MBTA personnel have disassembled the car that derailed in an attempt to determine the root cause of its failure. While the investigation continues, the MBTA is conducting an audit of the entire Red Line fleet, performing thorough inspections of the cars’ components to ensure all vehicles meet all safety and performance requirements.
  • MBTA workers and contractors continue to repair damaged signals, switches, and bungalows in the area impacted by the derailment. This includes the following repairs and updates for:
  • Repairing and replacing all damaged third rail (approximately 200 feet), and 200 feet of rail near track switches
  • Wires and cables in the JFK/UMass area.

Power and signal work

You can check out up to date service announcements on the MBTA’s new website dedicated to the Red Line here.


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