It’s never too late to follow your dream, even if it’s BIG!

Imagine a meatball that’s 1,707 pounds! That’s one giant meatball! Well, five years ago, Abby Paine’s Italian grandfather broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest meatball exactly that size! To commemorate her grandfather’s accomplishment, Paine wrote a children’s picture book with the message of family, support, and chasing your dream no matter how old you are! 

Paine will be at the Richard J. Murphy School on Thursday to read aloud to the students her newly published children’s book, Papa and the World’s Largest Meatball!  She will also be signing copies and handing out bookmarks. And no book signing event about a giant meatball would be complete without a meatball party! Yum! 

Paine is an avid creative writer and deeply passionate about improving mental health for all!

Papa and the World’s Largest Meatball can be found at Target, Barnes + Noble, Amazon and Paine’s publishing site here! 

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