Did you lose power?

In addition to over 7500 Eversource customers (mostly Dorchester) losing power during the daytime on Sunday, another 1500 in South Boston lost theirs in the evening.  Around 7:40pm on Sunday, power went out sections of  the City Point neighborhood between L and Farragut Road.  As of 11am on Monday, power has not been restored.  According to the Eversouce website, the power is expected to be restored at 1pm.  Although – that seems to be the trend – the time the power is expected to return gets pushed out.  So no one really knows.

From City Councilor Ed Flynn, District 2:

Dear SB Neighbors,

I talked with Eversource executive about the power outages in City Point (and other areas in South Boston). Equipment is stressed and overheated due to extreme heat and length of this historic wave, with ACs cranked high to stay cool. The work crews  continue to work to repair damage to the system and restore power as quickly as possible.  I will continue to communicate with Eversource.  Please check on our South Boston seniors and persons with disabilities. If anyone needs to reach me for assistance, please let me know.

Thank you,

Ed Flynn  [email protected]

Fingers crossed.  Stay safe and cool out there!

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