After a trip to Tufts Medical Center on Wednesday, Mayor Michelle Wu is urging the residents of Boston to get vaccinated in addition to increasing testing sites plus managing lines and logistics.

According to the Boston Globe, Dr. Helen Boucher, an infectious-disease specialist at Tufts, said that “almost 90%” of the people in the hospital’s ICU with Covid-19 are unvaccinated.

During a press conference outside Tufts, Wu thanked hospital workers who have been working tirelessly for the past two years. Wu also mentioned that not getting vaccinated ends up “affecting everyone,” including those who fall seriously ill with COVID-19 in addition to those who need care that is being pushed back due to the stress on hospitals.

Stress is also being put on Boston Public Schools. On Wednesday, the there were 658 teachers, 300 teacher’s aides, and 47 bus drivers out sick. BPS also reported 228 new COVID cases for teachers, and 289 for students.

Wu stated Wu that decisions about school closures would be made on a school-by-school basis. She added that schools could declare “snow days,” due to the fact that state officials are not allowing any remote learning.

Wu believes the number one step is to increase vaccination rates across the city. She is committed to ensuring that all city workers will be fully vaccinated.

Beginning Jan. 15, people will need to show proof of at least one vaccination to enter indoor spaces that offer dining, fitness and entertainment. On Feb. 15, people will have to show proof of full vaccination. You can learn more about B Together here. 

Universal Hub has a video of the press conference here. 





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