Last month, the MBTA revealed that it needed more time to study the Mattapan Trolley line, leaving many to believe “the status of the historic streetcars [are] in doubt (The Boston Globe).” That is why we – the residents of Mattapan, Dorchester, Hyde Park, and Milton – who depend on this important public transportation link – must stand united together to send a clear message to Governor Baker and the MBTA that we need to save the Mattapan Trolley line!

The Mattapan Trolley Line is living history and it adds significant character and charm to our communities, but more than the aesthetic and quality of life value, it has a critical economic impact on residential property values, local businesses, and on attracting much needed economic development interest along the neighborhoods this trolley line serves. Thousands of MBTA riders rely on the Mattapan Trolley everyday to connect them to the Red Line at Ashmont Station. As such, we firmly believe that keeping the Mattapan Trolley Line operating is of the highest priority for the people of Mattapan, Dorchester, Hyde Park, and Milton.

Last year, in a letter to the MBTA, I led efforts organizing with my colleagues in government to fight for the long term preservation of the Mattapan Line by advocating for a significant immediate investment into the current fleet of trolley vehicles. In our joint letter we made it clear that the communities we serve want trolleys to remain as the service vehicles on the Mattapan Line. As a result of our advocacy, the MBTA allocated $7.9 million to invest in upgrades and repairs to the trolley vehicles operating on this line. The MBTA has said this investment will keep the trolley line in operation through the early 2020’s. This was a meaningful victory for sure, and we absolutely must allow time for the riders and engineers to evaluate the success of this investment once it is completed this year – but I am concerned that with this latest delay we cannot wait to make our collective voice heard on this important issue. Now is not the time for patiently waiting – now is the time for action. 

If you agree, please join me in signing this petition to send a clear message to Governor Baker and the MBTA, that we want to keep the trolleys on the tracks. We want the Mattapan Line preserved, invested in, and we want trolleys to be the transit vehicles that serve this vital transit corridor.  

Sign here! 

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