We’re not sure what it is about hanging your junk out on public transportation, but it seems to be a thing.

See report below from the MBTA Transit Police:

On March 6, 2023 at approximately 9:30AM a female while travelling on a Red Line train from JFK-UMass to Quincy Center Station reported the following: A male sat directly across from her and committed a lewd act. While doing so the male was staring and laughing at the victim. The victim took the suspect’s photograph. TPD was notified and service was held at Quincy Center Station. Responding officers were met by the victim who furnished the officers with the referenced photograph. Based on the photograph officers located the offending male, later identified as Calebre Predelus, 23, of Cambridge, who was seated within the train car. Calebre was removed and placed into custody for Open & Gross Lewdness.

TPD Detectives allege Calebre is the same suspect male for other similar incidents occurring on the MBTA. TPD Detectives previously sought the public’s assistance in the identification of Calebre relative to another similar act. Reference a Transit Police tweet posted on February 17, 2023.

Calebre was transported to TPD HQ for the arrest booking process.

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