Let’s Go Skating: Devine Rink

Group Skating and Public Skating

Group ice rental will start at the Devine Rink on September 30th in accordance with the Workplace Safety and Reopening Standards for Businesses and Other Entities Providing Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities, Phase III, Step 1, Expansion of Activity Number 1.

Let’s go skating!

Looking for a fun way to keep the kids entertained? Lace up the skates and hit the ice.  The Devine Rink will be offering public skating beginning November 27th.  If you don’ t have skates, don’t worry, you can rent them! If your blades are dull, you can get them sharpened there too!

Public Skating Hours:

  • Sunday:  4pm – 5:50pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:   12pm – 2:20pm
  • Saturday:  7pm – 8:50pm

995 Morrissey Blvd.
(617) 436-4356
Ice time booking (617) 727-5290 ext. 506

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