Looks like people are struggling at home vs. heading to the emergency room for help.

At Thursday, press briefing with Gov. Charlie Baker, representatives from three local hospitals spoke about the fact that people are waiting out illness and injuries at home rather than heading to the hospital. But sometimes not getting medical attention can lead to a more serious outcomes.

Visits for strokes and heart attacks are down at the ER which can lead to more serious damage.  And leg amputations are up.  Patients with vascular problems and leg ulcers wait too long and up up having to get their leg amputated.  Good lord!  

According to the Boston Globe, many doctors attribute fear of COVID-19 to the decline in ER visit.

The doctors at the press conference, encouraged people who are sick or injured to seek medical attention by calling their doctors for help. PSAs will be airing soon urging residents with non-COVID-19 illness, injury or trauma, to call 911. 

Baker also mentioned that with all the planning the state has been doing to prepare for COVID-19 surge has paid off. More than half the roughly 18,000 hospital beds are empty  so there is room with patients with other medical issues.

So bottom line – don’t tough it out at home, if you’re sick or injured, seek medical attention.


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