City Councilor at-large Michelle Wu has launched a new plan to “Abolish the BPDA.”  The plan calls for an overhaul of the Boston Planning and Development Agency.  According to Wu, Boston is in the midst of a development boom yet we still have a housing crisis, a broken transportation system, traffic and congestion, racial disparages and segregation, and don’t forget about the climate crisis threatening the city.  Wu want to know why aren’t we using the benefits of the city’s growth to help fix these issues.  Well, she stems the our current issues/problems back to the BPDA.  She believes it’s broken and dysfunctional and designed to cut out community voices. (Ya think?) 

Wu has just released a 44 page plan that you can read here.  According to the Boston Globe, Wu plans on having community meeting across the city to discuss and hearings at City Hall. 

This new plan comes on the heels of City Councilor Lydia Edwards’ call for reform of the Zoning Board of Appeals after a recent bribery scandal.  

Look like now is the time for change.  You can learn more here.  

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