This is amazing!

“Shipping up to Boston” is probably the most recognizable and quintessential song that represents our city, right? Well, Dropkick Murphys performed it live on stage in the gym at  Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy Columbia Campus last Thursday for students and faculty. And the crowd went wild.

Vice-Principal Timothy Ruggere said his wife, Debbie Ruggere, organized this surprise appearance by the legendary band for Heritage Night at the school! According to, the couple grew up with Ken Casey, lead singer of the band.

The band sang two songs, “Shipping up to Boston” and “Rose Tattoo” squeezing in the performance during a very busy touring schedule.

How awesome is that?

You can check out the video here via

This is not the first Dorchester Dropkick Murphys connection.  Dorchester writer Emily Sweeney wrote a book about the band’s namesake Dropkick Murphy last year.  You can read all about it here. 

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