Universal Hub is reporting that the Kenny School on Oakton Ave. had to be put into “safe-mode” on Tuesday morning after two anti-maskers showed up with student who also didn’t want to wear a mask to school. BPS is still requiring students and staff to wear masks inside.

BPD showed up and deescalated the situation. No arrests were made.

Here’s a statement the school administration released:

The protesting escalated and out of an abundance of caution, the Kenny school was placed into safe mode and BPS Safety Services and the Boston Police were called.

Upon arrival, BPD worked to deescalate the situation and the entire school community remained in safe mode for approximately 20 minutes until the scene was cleared and it was advised it was safe to return to normal activity.

The Kenny staff, BPS Safety Services and the Boston Police are currently working together to investigate the matter further.

The whole “situation” was recorded and posted on social media.  You can watch it here.

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