On Wednesday, Michael Perry, 37, of Dorchester, appeared in Suffolk Superior Court and was officially charged with the murder of Jose Aponte, 43, his boyfriend. Perry was originally charged back in December in Boston Municipal Court, but the case was upgraded to the Superior Court following an indictment returned on March 8.

Perry pleaded not guilty to the charge and was held without bail.

According to the Boston Herald, the medical examiner declared that Aponte suffered at least 29 stab and slash wounds across his body. You can read more about this here. 

Back in 2019, Perry also beat up and stabbed a former boyfriend who was trying to break up with him. He pleaded guilty in this case and was sentenced to three to four years in prison and got out in early 2022. He then met Aponte online. The murder of Aponte happened in December. Police showed up at the scene and Perry attempted to jump out the window but ended up getting caught on something outside the building. See below.

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The man who allegedly tried jumping out of a 12th-story apartment where a dead body was found on Sunday has now been charged with murder.

On Friday afternoon, Michael Perry, 37, was ordered held without bail in Boston Municipal Court. The person who was found dead in the apartment was identified as Jose Aponte.

BPD discovered the dead body after arriving at the apartment for a well-being check shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday.

According to NBC10Boston, a person had texted Aponte’s boss over the weekend saying he was sick, but the writing didn’t sound like Aponte’s usual style, according to Aponte’s family. When BPD went to the apartment and knocked, they didn’t get a response. Police then got building maintenance to open the door and discovered Aponte’s body.  A SWAT team entered the apartment, and Perry tried to jump out the window but ended up getting caught on something outside the building.

Officers were able to pull him back in from the floor below, and he was taken to the hospital. After being hospitalized, Perry was charged Wednesday with assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly attacking a police officer.

According to the report, Perry is the same man who was seen on video in 2017 jumping out of a South End hotel window and onto an awning before being arrested by a SWAT team.

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