The Boston Globe is reporting that CVS Health announced that the CVS inside of the mini-Target in Fields Coner is slated to close on March 6th – as part of  “dozens” of Target CVS locations across the country closing by the end of April.

According to the article, CVS will transfer prescriptions from Fields Corner to its stand-alone store on Washington Street.

A CVS Health spokesperson stated that CVS’s store closings represent only a small portion of the 1,800 pharmacies CVS operates inside Target stores, and the decision reflects changes in CVS’s long-term strategy and business model.

“CVS has big plans to transform itself into an integrated health care conglomerate, with operations in insurance (Aetna), pharmacy benefit management (Caremark), primary care (Oak Street Health) and home health care services (Signify Health).”

You can read all the details here!

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