Four years ago, Kathleen Seero was standing on the dock at Savin Hill Yacht Club after a race when a thought crossed her mind that she couldn’t shake. As she looked across at her two female fellow racers, she thought, there needs to be more women here.

After years and countless sails that fed her passion for being on the water, she couldn’t help but wonder where all the girls who grew up sailing, like herself, had gone.

“I know there are women sailors here who don’t know how to reconnect to the water,” Seero said. The moment she left that dock, she started planning a way to bring them all together.

She hosted the First Annual Boston Harbor Ladies Challenge last year to provide them with a resource for doing just that. There, 40 women sailed together on seven boats in a casual race out of Savin Hill. This year, Seero hopes to continue to build that camaraderie and bring awareness to the fact that there are women out there who want to get back on boats.

The Second Annual Boston Harbor Ladies Challenge will be on July 14th at Savin Hill Yacht Club. With a goal of doubling last year’s participant numbers, Seero is looking for any and all past or present women sailors who are interested in having a fun morning on the water.

Included in the ticket price is live music, lunch, a fashion show from Mustang Survival Life Jackets, giveaways and more. Plus, there will be prizes for the winning boats!

But most importantly, it will be a day centered around bringing women sailors from all over Boston together. Seero truly believes that they are out there but just don’t know about the opportunities or resources available nearby to get back on the water. Especially for those who live in Southie or Dorchester, Savin Hill is right down the street.

“For all the college girls who grew up sailing but now don’t know where to go, I want them to get on board…literally!” Seero said.

To be clear, even if you don’t have collegiate experience, you are still invited and encouraged to attend! While experience is good to have, as long as you have interest and an itch to learn, you are all set.

You also don’t need to have a boat to join in on the fun. If you sign up without a boat, you will be assigned to one. If you do have a boat that isn’t currently docked at Savin Hill, you will just sail it down to Savin Hill.

To register, you can either email Seero directly at [email protected] or by clicking this registration link.

What better way to spend a summer Sunday morning than on the water? What are you waiting for? There is plenty of time to sign up…It’s all hands on deck, so all aboard!

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