On Friday, City Councilor Kendra Lara crashed into a house after she veered off of the road on Centre Street.

WBUR reports that a police report shows that Lara was driving with a revoked license in a car that was unregistered and uninsured. It also had an expired inspection sticker. Lara was driving with her son, Zaire, who was brought to a local hospital for stitches. BPD contacted the Department of Children and Families after the crash because Lara’s son was not secured in a proper booster seat.

City Council President Ed Flynn released the following statement re: Lara’s list of violations:

WBUR goes on to report that this is not Lara’s first run-in with multiple driving violations. According to the article, Lara’s Massachusetts driving record, under her previously used name Kendra Hicks, shows multiple violations and sanctions, including driving a vehicle in Dorchester without registration in 2010. The record also shows Lara failed to appear at court in Connecticut after allegedly running a traffic sign in 2014.

Recently, Lara was in the news for releasing a statement re: 381 Old Colony Ave investigation and accused colleagues or “homophobic and transphobic rhetoric.”  You can read about this here. 

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  1. Josephine Mclaughglin July 5, 2023 at 11:40 am - Reply

    I think they both should be fired, it is because of issues like this that turn people away from things like this that turn people away from the City Council. It wasn’t that long ago when the Council took care of the citizens not there co-workers. And in my opinon we are losing one of the best on that council. This is a real joke Fire them like any other Citizen would be if they were in that predicament.

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