From BPD News:

The Boston Police Department has been made aware of three separate incidents where parents of students enrolled in the Boston Public School system have received calls that their child was in danger or kidnapped. The scammers had information about the parent’s child, including their name, and demanded the parent send money through Western Union. This type of scam is called a kidnapping scam and is meant to trick a parent or grandparent into thinking that their child is in danger so that they will pay a ransom. In some cases, the scammers can have very detailed information and use that to convince a parent/grandparent that the scam is real. The Boston Police Department would like to issue the following guidance:

  • Be careful posting information publicly on social media and talk with your children about protecting their privacy online. Scammers often look through social media for any information that would give them the ability to persuade you;

  • Report any scams immediately to the police if you receive a similar call;

  • If you receive a scam call, immediately hang up the phone and do not reply to any suspicious emails, calls, or texts; and,

  • Do not reply to any urgent messages demanding money, especially if the person is demanding money through Western Union, gift cards, or cryptocurrency.

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