In a new plan, Mayor Martin J. Walsh calls for 69,000 in new housing units by 2030 which is an increase from the previous goal of 53,000. According to an in-depth article by Tim Logan in the Boston Globe, thanks to Boston’s growing population and rising rents, Boston will roll out a new plan for housing raising the amount of units by 30% with a focus on affordable housing. Of the 69,000 units of housing, a goal of 16,000 units will have rents that are affordable to lower- and middle-income residents.

So where is all this new housing going to go? Looks like they’ll be focusing on Hyde Park and East Boston. Of course, those neighborhoods are bracing themselves for the worst sighting traffic and overcrowding transit as reasons for concern. Using Brighton and Southie as examples.

Concerns have also been voiced over projects in Egleston Square and Glover’s Corner. The fear being there is not enough affordable housing and it could force out longtime residents.

But Mayor Walsh’s ultimate goal is to make the city of Boston a city that is available to all not just the wealthy.

Experts also agree that Boston can’t help the housing crisis on its own. That there needs to be a push for development in suburbs. According to the Globe, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council has projected Eastern Massachusetts will need 435,000 new units of housing by 2040 to meet the demand.

So there you have it! Looks like development isn’t even close to stopping. What do you think?

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