Just in the nick of time!

On Wednesday, the Boston City Council passed a new map of council districts with a 10-2 vote making the deadline to keep the city’s fall elections on schedule.

Earlier this month, the council was sent back to the drawing board to create a new Redistricting Map.  US District Judge Pattie Saris ruled that the council violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment –  which bars laws requiring segregation of the races when compiling the redistricting map.

Just to refresh your memory, last fall, the city council voted on a new redistricting map and it was approved by a 9-4 council vote.  The four councilors who voted against the map were City Councilors Frank Baker, Erin Murphy, Ed Flynn and Michael Flaherty.

The final map was built from one that Louijeune had proposed and incorporated input from her colleagues. At times, the process got a little heated with personal attacks and accusations.

Ultimately, the redistricting map was completed and voting on it lacked any drama. The two city councilors that voted against the map are Kendra Lara and Julia Mejia.  They released the following statement:

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