BOSTON (August 5, 2021) – To shine a light on the benefits of mindfulness, health and wellness during National Wellness Month, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (“Blue Cross”) is offering complimentary Bluebikes rides on “Mindful Mondays” throughout August, beginning Monday, August 9. Riders can take advantage of free trips from nearly 400 Bluebikes stations across the system’s 11 municipalities. Blue Cross is the title sponsor of Bluebikes, a publicly-owned bike share managed by municipal staff.

Residents can access free rides on “Mindful Mondays” by downloading and opening the Bluebikes app on a mobile device and selecting “Adventure Pass,” using the appropriate code for each Monday in August. Each code will unlock one free Adventure Pass, which includes unlimited two-hour rides for a 24-hour period.

–      August 9: BlueCrossMindful0809

–      August 16: BlueCrossMindful0816

–      August 23: BlueCrossMindful0823

–      August 30: BlueCrossMindful0830

Studies show that bicycling is one of the leading activities to help improve both mental and physical health, while mindfulness techniques can help reduce anxiety and burnout. A recent study demonstrated a 60% decrease in anxiety among participants who used a mindfulness training app, developed by Brown University, for at least a month.

“Our Bluebikes sponsorship brings unique opportunities to reinforce our commitment to building healthy communities across the Commonwealth,” said Jeff Bellows, vice president of corporate citizenship and public affairs at Blue Cross. “As we continue to feel the impact of COVID-19, many of us can benefit from mindfulness and finding some quiet time to stay present in the moment. We’re thrilled to use our Bluebikes sponsorship to provide residents the opportunity to get outside, exercise or simply clear their minds during a month that is focused on self care and whole-body wellness.”

Blue Cross is in the fourth year of a six-year Bluebikes title sponsorship, which launched in May 2018. Through its partnership with the municipal owners of Bluebikes, Blue Cross continues to support system growth and accessibility, including station expansions, upgrades and additional bikes. The system expanded to Salem in June, and the municipalities and Blue Cross recently celebrated 10 years of public bike share. A map of all stations in the Metro Boston area can be found at

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