This local and beloved cookie company, currently operating out of CommonWealth Kitchen, will take over the old Windy City spot in Adams Village at 516 Gallivan Boulevard.

Top Shelf Cookies will offer fresh baked cookies, a flavored milk bar from a local dairy, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and cookie frappes! YES!

Owner Heather Yunger started Top Shelf Cookies nearly six years ago with just $2500. “I promised myself that when that money ran out I would go back to my cubicle if it didn’t make sense to keep going.  We’re still here, making cookies,” said Yunger.

The new Top Shelf Cookies hopes to be open by end of January!

About Top Shelf

Before Top Shelf Cookies was a bakery, it was a superstition. A Boston hockey girl through and through, Heather first came up with the Black & Golds as a good luck charm to share with her fellow fans for every home game. Not only were the cookies a hit, but the team kept winning. A few months later a trophy got raised, the Duck Boats paraded down Boylston Street and an idea was born.

With a broad selection of unique, delicious cookies, Heather launched Top Shelf Cookies in 2014. What started as a passion became a calling and Boston’s Craft Cookie company was now a reality. Using high quality, often unexpected ingredients, a creative spark for combining flavors, and meticulously crafted recipes, Heather creates cookies that aren’t just one of a kind, they’re also pretty damn tasty. And hey, if she can work in a reference to the city she loves while she’s doing it, all the better. After all, these are “Cookies as Fresh as the City They Come From.”

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