Two great tastes that taste great together

Two local Dorchester spots are teaming up to create the perfect fall pairing with a beer release inspired by some of the Ice Creamsmith‘s hit flavors. The beers are available on tap at Dorchester Brewing Co. and the special beer and ice cream floating pairings are only available on October 8th and 15th.

Float Option #1: Runs on Pumpkin, DBco’s pumpkin spice amber ale. Ice cream: Caramel & Graham Cracker Swirl – special recipe designed to pair in a float with Runs on Pumpkin

Float Option #2: DBco brewed a special Mocha Almond Stout named “Does Not Contain Nuts”, inspired by some of The Ice Creamsmith’s hit flavors, to be paired with ice cream in a unique side-by-side. This beer is going to be served on our nitro draft line, to increase the creamy mouthfeel, and make it even more reminiscent of ice cream!

Who excited to try one? or both?

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