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Normally, when you see a rectangle of orange on your windshield, you are instantly put into a bad mood. But what if you picked up the ticket and read that it wasn’t a fine for a parking infraction but a little note of positivity?

Well, that might make your day, right? On Sunday, 800 people in Boston, Somerville, and Medford received these “Positive Affirmation” tickets on their cars!

According to the B Side Newsletter, this was the brainchild of Tufts student Ethan LeBlanc, who created them to look identical to parking tickets but had kind words of encouragement – like, “You look good today!” and “I believe in you!”

On Instagram, LeBlanc wrote the following:

Good morning to everyone. In a world of stress it’s always fun to receive a reminder of how beautiful you all are. All 800 tickets were randomly distributed on cars around Boston, Medford, and Somerville. Hope you enjoy.

Special thanks to @williamclarkecasey@collinserigne@drfartens, and @adenmalone for making this project happen with me.

As my Nana used to say, it’s nice to be nice.  And notes of positive affirmation are much nicer than mean notes calling out people for parking like jerks.

Images via Ethan LeBlanc on Instagram. 

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