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Universal Hub is reporting about a “situation” involving a large bottle of tequila, a Blue Gatorade, and a legless trio, drunk outta their minds, in front of the South Bay Applebee’s back in October.

Despite Applebee’s serving its famous Dollaritas, a woman decided to smuggle in her own version of the cheap cocktail and got the restaurant in hot water with the City of Boston Licensing Board due to the fact she and her friends were “overserved.”

It was revealed at Tuesday’s hearing that the woman and two males sat at the bar on October 17th at 4 pm for a few hours, consuming a total of ten drinks, which isn’t necessarily enough to leave most people blackout drunk.  However, according to the lawyer for the restaurant chain, they were mixing up tequila and Gatorade cocktails on the down low, resulting in the trio having to be escorted outside.  After several times of them coming back into the restaurant and being escorted back out, they called for help from the BPD.

According to Universal Hub, when one of the officers asked one of the gentlemen for his name, he responded with “Deez Nuts.” Then the other gentleman stirred up a beef with a person walking by from the Olive Garden and pushed that person to the ground.

The board will make a decision on  Thursday if Applebee’s will be penalized.  It was reported that since Applebee’s opened in South Bay in 2012, this is the first serious incident involving the licensing board, which is remarkable considering they sometimes serve margaritas for a $1.


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  1. Hot Dog June 9, 2024 at 11:16 am - Reply

    Bars and restaurants are the only businesses that are penalized for thier customers behaviors.
    If the business followed the law they should not be penalized. After all the money the City maies
    off of these types of businesses, the City needs to Stop penalizing them and shutting them down
    for one incident and an incident beyond their control.
    They pay huge property taxes, meal taxes, personal property taxes, State taxes, annual liquor licenses,
    Convictor licences, the list goes on, it’s no wonder how they are able to make a profit.

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