Guide to Holiday Tipping

If you’re like us, when it comes to tipping you’re a little in the dark! Who do I tip? How much? Use the following guide to help yourself out!

Christmas Tree Delivery – Hand ‘em a double sawbuck! A $20 cash tip is perfect for home delivery. You can give a $5- $10 for the person helped you bundle it up and load it onto the car.

Daycare – A gift or cash tip in the amount of $50 to $70 for each person who works with your kiddos. Throw in a small handmade gift from your kids!

The Boss – It’s nice to be nice! Although it’s not at all necessary to “tip” your boss, a gift card to go out to dinner in the $50 range is a nice gesture!

Teacher/tutor – Don’t spend more than $25. Schools usually have rules about monetary gifts, a $25 gift card to Amazon or coffee shop or restaurant gift card is perfect! Skip the traditional teacher gifts like mugs with apples on them! Don’t forget to write a hand-written thank-you note. Gifts aren’t as common in middle schools and high schools where each child has five or more teachers. So don’t stress about gifts!

Letter carrier – Back in the good old days when you knew you mailman by name, you gave them a jug or some cold hard cash but now with rotating letter carriers, it’s confusing what to do! While nothing is expected, if you have a friendly relationship with the person, then a small gift card in the $20 range is a nice gesture. Also, anything more than that is prohibited by the United States Postal Service. FedEx allows tips or a gift worth up to $75, while UPS does not have an official policy. So if you’re like us and are getting amazon packages every other day from UPS or Fedex – a gift card might be nice!

Cleaning lady – Cash equal to one week’s pay.

Babysitter – cash equal to two nights wages.

Dog walker – one week’s pay

Hairstylist – The cost of one visit.

Happy Holidays!