Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Written by Emma Lifvergen

In case you haven’t noticed the barrage of holiday decor that appeared in every store the day after Halloween, a gentle reminder: Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. That means menus must be planned, turkeys must be defrosted, and almost as important as the bird, tables must be ‘scaped. If you’re stumped for centerpiece ideas or scratching your head over place settings, check out these ideas for a flawless Thanksgiving table no matter what your style.

Au Naturale
Nothing says giving thanks like appreciating (and decorating with!) the beauty of what nature provides for us every day. Especially lovely is accenting your table with the fragrant herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables that will also appear in your dishes, or plucking a few sprigs of pine from a tree outside to accompany a place card. From evergreen table settings to centerpieces laden with harvest produce (which you can pick up right at Star Market on Morrissey Blvd), using raw and natural elements as decor is as Thanksgiving as it gets.

Love the holidays but not all of the kitschy clutter that goes along with decorating? Then a spare, minimal Turkey Day table might be the thing for you. Consider a neutral color palette, simple white china, and bud vases and tea lights instead of flower arrangements and tapers. Lopez the Florist has a beautiful selection of fresh cut flowers perfect for your vases.  Let the stars of your Thanksgiving dinner be the food, the company, and the conversation, not figuring out which fork goes with what.

The holiday season is the one time of the year that full on sparkle is pretty much universally accepted, and Thanksgiving is the kickoff. Rich hues like royal purple, emerald, and sapphire complement bright metallic accents, and who says you can’t gold leaf a pumpkin? Layer those plates and chargers, set out your sparkling glass and crystal, and lose yourself in a sea of jewel tones. Cedar Grove Gardens has plenty of pumpkins available to gold leaf.  Also check out their gift shop for some new glasses votive candles in jewel tones.

Emma is a stylist, book nerd, blogger, and sometimes-writer living in Boston. She enjoys non-fiction literature, chai lattes, the ocean, architectural tours, and dinosaurs.